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Our Business Model

Recycling not only reduces waste, but also preserves natural resources, saves energy and limits negative impacts on the environment. Adopting a sustainable business model with green transformation, our company utilizes the raw materials it uses at the maximum level, thus achieving both economic and environmental benefits.

marine slops blidge water, used lubricants, tanker ship tanks wash water (1).png

This diagram shows the processing of raw materials our recycling facility receives from various industrial sources. While the Crude Industry section represents those obtained from sludge oil lakes and oil slicks, the Industrial Oils section covers various oils and solvents such as traffic oils, cutting oils. Additionally, the Marine Slops category includes bilge water, spent lubricants and tanker ship tank wash water. After these raw materials are processed in the recycling facility, polymol, compol and similar products called Standard Oil Products are obtained, water is made reusable and residues are collected in the form of bitumen. The diagram impressively demonstrates how this facility transforms raw materials into valuable products.

Basic Layout of Modular Waste Oil Cleaning Plant


This modular waste oil cleaning plant represents a scheme designed to bring waste oils to reusable quality. The system works like this:

  • The oil and water mixture is first cleaned roughly with a filter (Coarse filter).

  • It is then mixed with the added additives and made homogeneous with a mixer.

  • The mixture is then transferred to reaction tanks, where certain chemical reactions take place to purify the oil and remove unwanted substances.

  • The wastewater formed after the reaction is separated through the wastewater cleaning unit.

  • Sediments are collected by a separate truck and disposed of appropriately.

  •  The resulting cleaned oil is quality controlled in accordance with the determined standards.

This system aims to recover industrial waste oils in an environmentally friendly way and minimize the environmental impact of potentially hazardous waste. Thanks to both its economic and ecological advantages, our Facility plays an important role in the construction of a sustainable future.

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