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Petropol and Sustainability 

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Environmental management system, occupational health and safety, green technologies; It forms part of our company's core values. With the commitment to protect our environment and build a sustainable future, we shape our business processes with environmentally friendly approaches, increase energy efficiency and optimize waste management. When it comes to occupational health and safety, we constantly invest, organize training and use the latest technologies to ensure the safety of our employees at the highest level.


environmental management system

  •  Comply with all legal legislation and other obligations regarding the environment for our sector
    to suit

  •  Making environmentally friendly investments

  •  To engage in activities that support the principle of sustainable development

  •  To provide emergency and environmental risk management at the most advanced level

  •  To develop environmental management culture within the framework of the principle of continuous improvement

We comply with the requirements of this policy and our environmental responsibilities with all our employees.

We undertake that we will continue our work and investments to fulfill our

We are doing.



Occupational Health and Safety

Petropol A.Ş. We aim to raise occupational health and safety awareness among all our employees. We believe that we can prevent work accidents and occupational diseases. We work with this belief, constantly improve ourselves and act according to the following principles.

  • To continuously improve the OHS Management System in accordance with OHSAS 18001 management system conditions.

  • To comply with legal regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety.

  • To detect and eliminate work accidents and occupational diseases in advance.

  • Measuring and improving OHS management system performance.

  • To direct investments by following technological developments.

  • To ensure the participation of our employees and suppliers.

We aim to create a healthy working environment. We will continue our work in this direction.



Petropol aims to remove gases formed in production facilities in order to avoid air pollution. As a result, it has managed to create smokeless, odorless and flue gas emissions below legal limits with its special filtering system.

The odor efficiency obtained from the analyzes is over 50% in dry systems and over 70% in aqueous and alkaline cleaning systems. These systems are currently being developed and efforts are being made to increase environmental protection services.




Petropol A.Ş. As, we act with our commitments for a sustainable future. We reflect our sustainability values by focusing on important areas such as environmental protection, social contribution and occupational health and safety. We minimize our environmental impact by striving to protect natural resources, reduce carbon footprint and waste management. While fulfilling our responsibility to society, we contribute to local communities and offer a fair and supportive work environment to our employees.

Carbon footprint

The Modular Waste Oil Cleaning Plant not only recovers waste oils but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint. Traditional waste oil disposal methods can cause high energy consumption, which has major environmental impacts. This facility reduces this energy consumption thanks to energy efficiency and sustainable processing techniques. As a result, it both contributes to the protection of natural resources and supports our planet in achieving a sustainable future by significantly reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

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